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1. Trade Representative:

Pites Co., Ltd is one of leading agencies in industrial automation components and equipments for various industry such as Power Plant, Cement, Steel, Glass, Automation, Oil &Gas, Food and Berverage, Chemcial, Packaging, etc

2. Import and Distribution:

Pites Co., Ltd specializes in importing and distributing of Factory Automation (all kind of sensors), Process Instruments( Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, Valves, pH and chemical measurements, control valves, Gas/Air Analyzer) Motion Control (Motor, controller, inverter, PLC, Encoder, Linear Sensor, Position Sensor), Industrial Safety parts ( relay, switch, fuse...,), Swith Gear.

3. Service:

Pites provides engineering services including design and install, commissioning, relocating, maintaince , training...for a variety of industries with participation and technical support from specilists of well- known brands in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Japan, India and Singapore...

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Liên hệ tư vấn

The Company Hohner Automazione Srl is part of an international group that produces measuring instruments in the industrial electronics sector,and has been present on the Italian market since 1981, where it is recognized as a leading firm in its specific field of operation. In complete autonomy, Hohner Automazione Srl takes care of the planning and development, production and testing, and ultimately the distribution of a vast range of products. These are fully capable of satisfying the requirements of the Italian and Foreign markets thanks to continuous Marketing actions. Today Hohner Automazione Srl covers an area of about 2500 sqm. Its high productivity allows for constant investments, necessary both for the research and development of highly qualitative technological products, as well as for the improvement of the organizational structure itself. Thus, Hohner Automazione Srl is able to offer a wide range of products at an exceptional quality and a highly competitive price, combined with productive and managerial operations completely in line with the Norms for Business Quality suggested  by ISO 9001:2000

I.Applications (Ứng dụng)

1.Offshore (Xa bờ)

2.Oil and gas (Dầu khí)

3.Food and beverages (Thực phẩm & Đồ uống)

4.Packing (Đóng gói)

5.Steel Industry (Công nghiệp thép)

6.Medical Sector (Ngành y tế)

7.Paper Industry (Công nghiệp giấy)

8.Chemical Industry (Công nghiệp hóa chất)

9.Textile Sector (Ngành dệt)

10. Energy Industry (Công nghiệp năng lượng)



II.Product/ Sản phẩm

  1. Incremental

Solid Shaft : CMS, PMS, Series 21, 24, 27, 28, BH, BTR, H, H+REO440, HSP086, HSP108, TR

Blind Hollow Shaft : Series 25, BS, BSP-BSC

Hollow Shaft: Series BSP-BSC, Series PEH, Series PG, Series PK, Series PL, Series PM, Series PR, Series PT

Incorporated Coupling: Series 20, Series 29, Series HC

Motor Feedback: Series PEH, Series PRH

Selectable: Series MIC

Programmable: PMS xPulse

Submersible: Series SUBCWD

ATEX Zone 0: Series 08, Series E, Series HB, Series NAMYQX

ATEX Zone 1: Series DXE, Series MXE, Series RXE, Series RXL

2.Programmable Encoder: CMS xPulse, PMS xPulse

3.Absolute Encoder

Parallel: Series ASP / ASC, Series MAS, Series MM, Series MS, Series PRA, Series PZL, Series R, Series S, Series SM, Series TM, Series TS, Series Z

Synchronous Serial SSI: Series PZL, Series SAS-SAM, Series SMS-SMM, Series SS-SSM, Series STS-STM

Asychronous Serial ASI: Series AMS-AMM, Series ASI-ASM, Series ATS-ATM

Fieldbus: PS-PSM-Blind hollow shaft, PS-PSM-Solid shaft, PS-PSM-Stainless steel

Analogue: Series AS, Series ASP / ASC, Series MAS, Series MM, Series PZL, Series S, Series SM, Series TM, Series TS

Atex Zone 1: Series CSRXE

Submersible: Series SUBCWD

4.Analogue Encoder: Series AS, Series ASP / ASC, Series MAS, Series MM, Series PZL


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