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1. Trade Representative:

Pites Co., Ltd is one of leading agencies in industrial automation components and equipments for various industry such as Power Plant, Cement, Steel, Glass, Automation, Oil &Gas, Food and Berverage, Chemcial, Packaging, etc

2. Import and Distribution:

Pites Co., Ltd specializes in importing and distributing of Factory Automation (all kind of sensors), Process Instruments( Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, Valves, pH and chemical measurements, control valves, Gas/Air Analyzer) Motion Control (Motor, controller, inverter, PLC, Encoder, Linear Sensor, Position Sensor), Industrial Safety parts ( relay, switch, fuse...,), Swith Gear.

3. Service:

Pites provides engineering services including design and install, commissioning, relocating, maintaince , training...for a variety of industries with participation and technical support from specilists of well- known brands in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Japan, India and Singapore...

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Advanced Micro Controls, Inc. - AMCI Vietnam


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Advanced Micro Controls, Inc. (AMCI) is a leading U.S. based manufacturer with a global presence. AMCI industrial control products improve PLC-based automation systems with specialized position sensing and motion control technology that simplifies automation and adds reliability to manufacturing processes. AMCI designs and manufactures all of their products, enabling superior quality and innovation. The company provides 24/7 technical support staff, ready to answer questions about installation, configuration and operation of all AMCI products.

Founded in 1985, Advanced Micro Controls Inc commitment to the industrial marketplace can be found in alll areas of the company; Research and Development, Sales, Distribution, and Product Support.

AMCI's engineers, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, consistently bring new and exciting technologies to market first. Long standing relationships with the biggest names in Industrial Automation enable our team to deliver competitive products that are innovative and designed for years of reliable performance.

Our experienced Sales Department assist customers in identifying the AMCI control products best suited to their application. Going beyond price, our Applications Engineers evaluate systems' compatibility, installation, maintenance, and reliability when reviewing control solutions - our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Leveraging an international network of Distributors, AMCI makes it easy for customers to quickly and conveniently purchase our products, no matter where in the world they are located. Furthermore, our customer representatives work hard to ensure that every order is shipped when promised, and arrives on schedule.

Dedication to the customer does not end with an invoice - AMCI is trusted across a spectrum of applications and our Technical Support group delivers maximum performance for every customer.

Contact our offices today for more information on AMCI's industry leading control solutions.




Specialty I/O Products for PLC-based Control Systems

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are used all over the world for industrial automation. These controllers are designed for maximum reliability with standard feature sets that lay the foundation for manufacturing & process control. However, most applications require control functions that you won't find in PLCs "out of the box".

AMCI specialty I/O products enhance your PLC controller by expanding its functionality with capabilities that include advanced position sensing, motion control, stamping press automation, and packaging control solutions. den nang luong mat troi

AMCI's has 25+ years of experience developing specialty I/O solutions for the world's largest PLC manufacturers. Our selection of specialty I/O products are unmatched in terms of variety, performance, and user-friendliness. Whether you're using an Allen-Bradley PLC or Siemens PAC, AMCI has the specialized I/O needed to transform simple controllers into automation solutions:

 PLC Plug-in I/O 


ALLEN-BRADLEY: AMCI PLC Module Specialty I/O Products - more info »

Unleash the potential of your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with an AMCI Specialty I/O Position Sensing Interface or Automation Controller.

ControlLogix PLC
MicroLogix 1500 PLC
1762 I/O

GE FANUC : AMCI PLC Module Specialty I/O Products - more info »

Utilizing licensed GE Fanuc Series 90-30 and 90-70 I/O interface technology, AMCI developed a line of single slot PLC modules for a variety of specialty applications.

GE Fanuc 90-30 Series PLC
GE Fanuc 90-70 Series PLC
amci modules for ge fanuc 90-30 plc
   Resolver Interface
   SSI/LDT Interface
amci modules for ge fanuc 90-70 plcs
   Resolver Interface
   SSI/LDT Interface
   PLS Controllers

SCHNEIDER AUTOMATION : AMCI PLC Module Specialty I/O Products - more info »

AMCI's single-slot resolver interface modules utilize licensed Schneider Modicon Quantum and Square D SY/MAX interface technology for 100% compatibility.

Quantum PLC
Square D
amci modules for ge fanuc 90-30 plc
   Resolver Interface
amci modules for square d sy/max plc
   Resolver Interface


NETWORKED: AMCI AnyNET I/O Distributed Specialty I/O Products - more info »

AnyNET I/O products are compatible with any networked PLC or PAC controller, irrespective of manufacturer. Flexible, easy to program, & expandable!

Integrated Stepper Controller & Driver
SSI Interface
Resolver Interface
LVDT/RVDT Interface
Resolver Interface


NETWORKED: AMCI NEXUS Distributed Specialty I/O Products - more info »

AMCI NEXUS controllers and interfaces deliver the same level of PLC integration as their plug-in module counterparts, but with much more flexibility!

Resolver Interface
LDT Interface
SSI Interface
Stepper Controller
network ready ssi interface
NEXUS SSI Interface

network ready multi-axis  stepper motor controller

PLS Controller
Press Automation
network ready programmable limit switch controller
NEXUS PLS controller
NEXUS PRESSPro II Press Automation


AMCI Stepper (Servo) Motion Controls

The innovative approach to 
 performance at a
competitive price...


AMCI Stepper (and Servo) Controllers, Stepper Drives, and Stepper Motors.

AMCI designs and manufactures everything you need to easily configure a high performance, reliable PLC-based motion control system. Every product is designed for optimum performance when connected to other AMCI motion control products and will provide years of trouble free operation.

Sold separately, our stepper (and servo) motion control products can be integrated into existing systems to improve performance and ensure reliability.

With over 20 years of success in the design and manufacturing of industrial control solutions, you can rely on AMCI's expertise when purchasing your next PLC-based motion control system or product.

AMCI Motion Control Products
Stepper (and Servo) Motion Controllers
Stepper Motor 
Integrated Stepper Motor Controls


amci stand alone control products - programmable limit switch controllers

Stand Alone Control Products : Programmable Limit Switch Controllers

Advanced Micro Controls, Inc. is a pioneer of Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) technology. For almost two decades AMCI has been delivering stand alone solutions that offer value and field tested reliability to customers.

Our iPLC Series set the benchmark with its release; using the latest technology and the broadest range of features available anywhere. These units became an instant success and a recognized standard. Years later, AMCI continues their ongoing commitment to outstanding PLS designs with the Genesis line of PLS controllers, designed around industry application.

AMCI Stand Alone Controls Product Family
Packaging Control
Press Control
General Purpose PLS
Position Feedback
iplc - general purpose programmable limit switch controller for automation
ipce - intelligent programmable encoder controller system


AMCI Brushless Resolver Sensors & Brushless Resolver Transducers

Precision engineered

  • Size 1.1" resolver sensors
  • Single-turn resolver transducers
  • Multi-turn resolver transducers
  • Over 50 different types

Rotary Sensors : Brushless Size 11 Resolver Sensors and Resolver Transducers

Since 1985, AMCI has become a leading manufacturer of precision resolvers and resolver transducers for industrial applications.

All AMCI transducers are designed to operate reliably under severe conditions such as continuous mechanical shock and vibration, extreme temperature variations and exposure to solvent and coolant contaminants. This broad product line of IP64 and IP67 ratedresolver transducers includes single turn H25 series with size 25 optical encoder mounting styles to the HMT-20, (3) resolver, 10,000 turn series.

All AMCI transducers use the R11X-J10 resolver electrical specifications and are compatible with AMCI's full line of resolver interface products. The HT and HTT family of resolver transducers are available with other resolvers to meet your specific needs. See the R11 series for AMCI's full line of size 11 resolvers.

AMCI Resolver Transducers At A Glance


AMCI Rotary Shaft Encoders

World's toughest industrial
rotary shaft encoder


amci stainless steel encoders
All NR25 & DC25Encoders are available in
Stainless Steel

AMCI specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sales of heavy-duty, industrial grade rotary encoders for many different applications.

DuraCoder®: Originally designed in 1993 for steel mill and earth mining equipment, AMCI's DuraCoder® brand encoders have grown in popularity and are used in today's most grueling applications. Considered the most durable line of rotary shaft encoders available anywhere, DuraCoder encoders are resolver-based for durability, and offered in five different output versions. Sold in an industry standard 2.5" (63 mm) housing, DuraCoder fits most applications. Additionally, a large 4.25" size multi-turn Analog output version is available for applications in steel mills, wastegate flood control, and any other environment subject to brutal conditions.

ME15 Series: Following in the DuraCoder's footsteps, AMCI offers a line of magnetic rotary encoders, designed with the same guiding principle - DURABILITY. Available in SSI, Analog Voltage, or Analog Current Output, AMCI's ME15 series of magnetic rotary encoders are ideal for price sensitive applications, where shock, vibration and/or contaminants are present.

AMCI NR25 & DC25 Series DuraCoder® Rotary Shaft Encoders

ME15 Series Rotary Shaft Encoders


AMCI Packaging System Controls

Over twenty years of industrial expertise designed

into every packaging system controller
AMCI manufactures.

Packaging Controls : PLC Modules, Industrial Network Controllers, and Stand Alone Limit Switch Controllers

Until now, optimizing control systems used in high-speed packaging lines has been difficult. Ideally, you want precise, consistent control for product uniformity. But you must also strive to minimize machine set-up time and cost.

AMCI has responded to these challenges with our family of Packaging System Controls. AMCI's intimate knowledge of the packaging industry has produced a wealth of technology for numerous applications. Realize the full potential of your packaging line with the following products:

AMCI Packaging Controls Product Family

PLC Modules 
For Packaging
Network Controllers For Packaging
Stand Alone Controls For Packaging
amci stand alone limit switch controller
Stand alone packaging PLS


AMCI Stamping Press Controls

Industrial grade limit switch controllers & interfaces

with specialized Press features for today's
demanding manufacturing lines.


AMCI Stamping Press Controls : PLC Modules, Industrial Network Controllers, and Stand Alone Limit Switch Controllers

As a leader in the development and manufacturing of industrial control technology, AMCI offers stamping press controls that are second to none. Experience is the cornerstone of our engineering efforts that combine innovation, practicality, and cutting edge technology.

Functionality such as die protection, brake monitoring, and top-stop control are what separate this stamping press controls product family from the general purpose controllers and interfaces on today's market. Take a look for yourself at the broad range of solutions we provide.

AMCI Stamping Press Controls Product Family

PLC Modules 
For Press Control
Network Controllers
For Press Control
Stand AloneControls For Press Control
amci stand alone limit switch controller
Stand alone
press control PLS


AMCI Accessories

Explore our wide selection of Cables, Connectors,

Relay Boards, Remote Displays, and IMT

AMCI Accessories:

AMCI offers a large selection of accessories that complete or complement our family of industrial control products. Using our quality cables, connectors, and relay boards in your control system's application can make the difference between optimum and problematic performance.

Besides ensuring maximum performance from your controller, interface, and feedback sensor, AMCI accessories can enhance your automation's operating environment. For example, using our remote display enables real time system monitoring and calibration from a remote location, outside of the PLC.

Use the following accessories to save time, frustration, and improve system performance.

AMCI Accessories

relay boards
remote display
imt - interface module
  resolver mounting bracket


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