Safe speed monitor PNOZ s30 (stand-alone)

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Convenient speed monitoring

Pilz Pnoz S30 En 130109

The speed monitor PNOZ s30 provides safe monitoring of standstill, speed, position, shear pin breakage, speed range and direction of rotation in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e and EN IEC 62061 up to SIL CL 3. Configuration and fault indication are available simply and conveniently via a display. So the right speed monitoring solution is available for each application.

The speed monitor PNOZ s30 increases the productivity and the safety of operating personnel through the safe monitoring of standstill, speed and direction of rotation. Convenient menu-guided operation saves you time during set-up and commissioning. The parameters can be set via rotary knob (push and turn) and display.

The speed monitor PNOZ s30 is suitable for all common motor feedback systems and proximity switches.

  • Productivity is increased by avoiding unnecessary shutdown procedures: advance warning is given when a defined warning threshold is reached
  • Save time during commissioning and when units are exchanged by saving the parameters to chip car

The speed monitor PNOZ s30 safely monitors standstill, speed, position, shear pin breakage, speed range and direction of rotation. With the speed monitor PNOZ s30, parameters can easily be set on the menu-driven display via a rotary knob. No separate software tool is needed. PNOZ s30 also provides reliability in the work process by avoiding unnecessary shutdown procedures.


  • Parameters can be freely set
  • Parameters are entered by rotary knob (push and turn)
  • Integrated display
  • Set parameters are saved on a chip card
  • Tolerances can be freely set for each limit value
  • Axis position monitoring is available as an option with the standstill function
  • Advance warning of shutdown when a certain threshold is reached
  • 2 N/O and 2 N/C as output contacts


Working safely with the guards open leads to:

  • Reduced setup times as there's a better insight into the setup area
  • Greater work safety by guaranteeing that the direction of movement corresponds to the selected jog function
  • Greater work safety as a result of safely limited setup speeds

Safe brake functions automatically test the braking action, leading to:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased productivity and availability
  • Increased safety














Safe operating stop (SOS and SS2) leads to higher productivity because:

  • Axis synchronisation is maintained
  • Plants are restarted quickly and more simply
  • Safety level is higher as the plant is protected against unexpected restart

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