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Minimise downtimes on your plant and machinery!

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Plant and machinery must be producing. As efficiently and economically as possible, and without interruption. It's not until the machine suffers an unscheduled stop that you recognise the value of good, user-friendly diagnostics. For this is a worthwhile investment. For both machine manufacturers and operators in equal measure.



Diagnostics made simple – With the PVIS diagnostic concept


A concept that's been developed from practice and considers everything from A to Z is a prerequisite. At Pilz we call it "PVIS" for short. It's a universal diagnostic concept for small machines to large plants.

Based on Pilz's many years of experience in automation, two factors were key for development. Operators need clear, unambiguous instructions to enable them to rectify faults efficiently.
Machine manufacturers, on the other hand, are more likely to offer the relevant diagnostics if they are easy to program. PVIS satisfies both sides.

You get one diagnostic solution for all Pilz products:

  • PSS safe control systems
  • Safe bus systems SafetyBUS p/SafetyNET p
  • Modular control platform PSSuniversal
  • PNOZmulti modular safety system
  • Diagnostic unit PMImicro diag
  • Operator terminals PMIvisu with PVIS OPC Tools
  • Customer's PC with PVIS OPC Tools

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