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1. Trade Representative:

Pites Co., Ltd is one of leading agencies in industrial automation components and equipments for various industry such as Power Plant, Cement, Steel, Glass, Automation, Oil &Gas, Food and Berverage, Chemcial, Packaging, etc

2. Import and Distribution:

Pites Co., Ltd specializes in importing and distributing of Factory Automation (all kind of sensors), Process Instruments( Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, Valves, pH and chemical measurements, control valves, Gas/Air Analyzer) Motion Control (Motor, controller, inverter, PLC, Encoder, Linear Sensor, Position Sensor), Industrial Safety parts ( relay, switch, fuse...,), Swith Gear.

3. Service:

Pites provides engineering services including design and install, commissioning, relocating, maintaince , training...for a variety of industries with participation and technical support from specilists of well- known brands in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Japan, India and Singapore...

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Stroud Instruments Vietnam - Process & Control


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Founded by the present directors in 1971, Stroud Instruments Ltd. designs, manufactures and supplies high quality measurement, control and display instrumentation for the process control industry.

We offer a wide range of competitively priced analogue and digital instrumentation for use wherever process variables require to be monitored, displayed, conditioned or controlled. Our products include digital indicators, signal conditioners, signal isolators, resistance transmitters, power supplies and trip amplifiers for installation front of panel, rear of panel and in the field.

The majority of our design activity is directed towards the development and improvement of the product range. However we are proud of our outstanding service in response and support of customer specified design requirements.

The aim of our company is to maintain and improve upon the high standards of quality and reliability of the products we provide and that are demanded by the industry. Stroud Instruments products are designed to comply with current EC directives and their associated national standards and regulations. Our development processes include testing to verify compliance, using outside test laboratories for confirmation where appropriate.

The quality and reliability of our products have assured our status as approved supplier to UK water companies, electricity generators, Environment Agency, etc. Other customers include the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, instrumentation engineers and companies who specialise in instrumentation and control cubicle construction, factory automation and systems installation.

We export world-wide, including to the Irish Republic, Portugal, Norway, Malaysia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, USA and Canada.




Process & control instruments product range

We offer a wide range of analogue and digital process instrumentation products for monitoring, displaying, signal conditioning and controlling process variables. Our products include panel meters, signal conditioners, isolating signal converters, resistance transmitters, power supplies and trip amplifiers for installation front of panel, rear of panel and in the field.
In addition to products of our own manufacture, we are pleased to offer a carefully selected supplementary range of equipment from our partners.

Com-3b Isolator

Signal level and signal type conversion, isolation, booster, signal inverting, amplifying, scaling, filtering, etc. 
The range includes:- 
INPUTS: Universal, mA, V, resistance, temperature, frequency, etc. OUTPUTS: mA, V, frequency.more »

T300 Series data aquisition units

Universal input data aquisition modules with RS485 MODBUS RTU communications. Functions include: multifunctional PID controller, signal conditioner, and trip amplifier.more »

500-TT Panel Meter

This range includes, loop-powered LCD and high brightness LED indicators, universal input panel meters and special purpose meters.more »

B12-TT Trip amplifier

Single, dual and triple set-point and loop-powered trip amplifiers.
more »

112-6 Analogue summator

Analogue range includes: Integrators, square root extractors, multipliers, summators, subtractors.Pulse/digital rangeincludes: pulse summators, frequency scaler, frequency dividers. more »

Com70 transmitter/ receiver

Set-point generators, raise-lower/ramp generators, high/low signal selectors, comparators, rate limiter, etc.
more »

C16-9 power supplies

A range of general purpose instrumentation power supplies for powering two-wire 4-20mA transmitters or 24V powered signal conditioners, etc. more »

T290 Large Display

For monitoring high 
AC current and voltages 
in control and measurement 
more »

108-1 Transmitter Simulator

Current loop and voltage calibrator - generates process signals including 4-20mA source and sink.more »


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