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05/1959 Takenaka Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. established by Mr Shinsaku Takenaka in Kyoto, Japan.
Developed the first transistor optical sensor and photoelectric counter.
02/1964 Head office and factory completed facing Kyoto Higashi Interchange, Meishin Expressway.
08/1965 The first book about photoelectric sensor technology in Japan, "Photoelectric Control and its Application" by Mr Shinsaku Takenaka, published.
10/1971 Received Invention Incentive Prize from Invention Association Inc.
01/1972 Takenaka Opesate System initiated.
Established Takenaka Group Center Co., Ltd.
Established Takenaka Optonic Co., Ltd.
Established Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd.
03/1972 TAKEX Higashi-Inter Building completed.
06/1973 Takenaka Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. recognized as an excellent tax reporting enterprise by the Higashiyama Taxation Office, Kyoto.
09/1973 Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd. received first investment from Venture Capital Fund KED.
01/1975 Established Takenaka System Co., Ltd.
12/1981 Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd. received "The Special Incentive Prize" from the Small and Medium Enterprise Research Center.
01/1982 Proclaimed Management Policy of Takenaka, declaring this year "The year for deciding and announcing the company's future course" in celebration of the tenth Anniversary of Takenaka Opesate System initiation.
07/1982 Established TAKEX America Inc. (in California, U.S.A.)
01/1984 Established Security House Center Co., Ltd.
11/1984 TAKEX Kitakazan Building completed
04/1987 Received Commendation by the minister of state for Science and Technology.
11/1989 Takenaka Management Policy "My Venture Words" published.
03/1990 Established TAKEX Europe Ltd. (in U.K.)
04/1990 Mr Shinsaku Takenaka received a National Medal of Honor with Yellow Ribbon for his achievement of R & D of Sensor Technology.
11/1999 TAKEX Higashino main Building completed
Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd. recognized as an excellent tax reporing enterprise by the Higashiyama Taxation office, Kyoto.
10/2000 TAKEX Higashino North Building completed
Awarded the Engineering Prize of the Industrial Technology Promotion Foundation.
11/2000 TAKEX Nishino Building completed.
02/2002 Awarded the Invention Prize of the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions.
11/2002 Takenaka Group Center Co., Ltd. recognized as an excellent tax reporing enterprise by the Higashiyama Taxation office, Kyoto.
11/2004 Received Invention Incentive Prize from Invention Association Inc.
03/2005 Established TAKEX Laboratories Co., Ltd.
04/2007 Received Kyoto Invention Service Prize from Kyoto Prefecture.
11/2007 TAKEX Ohtsuka Building completed.
11/2009 Takenaka Sensor Group 50th Anniversary.
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Security Sensors


TAKEX is a leading Japanese manufacturer of security sensors, specialising in active infrared beams for perimeter protection, and outdoor PIR for CCTV activation and intruder detection. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, with each sensor designed and assembled to the highest standard by our engineers in Japan. Stringent quality control and rigorous testing at each stage of production ensures that every TAKEX device is confidently supplied with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

With over 50 years of experience, we are proud to be specified at the highest level of Royal, Government and Military organisations across the globe, and our refusal to compromise on excellence ensures we remain the choice of professionals worldwide.

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Industrial Sensors


Over 1000 Photo-Electric, Ultrasonic, and Laser sensors; spanning all facets of Industrial Automation and embedded OEM applications.

Whether your requirement is for Factory line automation, Hot Metal Detection (molten, cast, or rolled goods), or embedded OEM devices you can depend on for years of reliable service; Takex offers the broadest range of detection approaches on the market today, coupled with worldwide support and unparalleled quality.

The Industrial Automation product line provides a full range of TAKEX (Seeka) Industrial Class sensors and accessories; these devices are designed for stringent Factory Automation and embedded OEM sensing applications. The diverse product offering comprises the most robust and dependable Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, and Laser sensing technologies available on the market today. All devices are manufactured in Japan to rigorous manufacturing standards and testing tolerance.

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Huge energy savings realised on Coca-Cola bottling line

Huge energy savings realised on Coca-Cola bottling line

New Product lines_NB Corporation of America

New Product lines_NB Corporation of America

Products & Services

1. Trade Representative:

Pites Co., Ltd is one of leading agencies in industrial automation components and equipments for various industry such as Power Plant, Cement, Steel, Glass, Automation, Oil &Gas, Food and Berverage, Chemcial, Packaging, etc

2. Import and Distribution:

Pites Co., Ltd specializes in importing and distributing of Factory Automation (all kind of sensors), Process Instruments( Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, Valves, pH and chemical measurements, control valves, Gas/Air Analyzer) Motion Control (Motor, controller, inverter, PLC, Encoder, Linear Sensor, Position Sensor), Industrial Safety parts ( relay, switch, fuse...,), Swith Gear.

3. Service:

Pites provides engineering services including design and install, commissioning, relocating, maintaince , training...for a variety of industries with participation and technical support from specilists of well- known brands in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Japan, India and Singapore...